Corruption in army kills! Report cases of abusing power!

Mar 10, 2017

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko offered to extempt the contract and mobilized soldiers from from the obligation to fill out the electronic declaration,- reported by the "Dzerkalo Tyzhnya".

The bill №6712 on amendments to the law "On prevention of corruption" registered in the parliament on Friday, 10 March.

In particular, the draft envisages the withdrawal of the application of the law of mobilized military servicemen, military contractors, cadets of higher military schools and higher education, where there are military institutions, faculties of military training.

In the explanatory note the need for change is motivated by the fact that "only the collection and preparation of documents required to fill in a declaration requires considerable time and personal presence of the military (eg, digital signatures, help with income soldier from the place of service or in the State Fiscal service of Ukraine). This may lead to mass leaving places of service in the area of anti-terrorist operation. "

In addition,  the need for access to the declarant's personal computer and secure connection to the Internet stated in the note is not always possible to provide in the area of ATO.

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