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Feb 1, 2018

According to the Shevchenkivsky District Court of Lviv City, in a court order dated 24 January of this year, the Ministry of Defence has not received several apartments for military personnel that the developer, Budimex LLC, was supposed to provide under a contract for share construction of housing in Lviv. The story was reported by Nashi Hroshi.Lviv

The military prosecutor’s office of the Lviv garrison (pre-trial criminal investigation № 42015140410000672 dated 18 September 2015) suspects officials of the Western Capital Construction Department of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine of embezzling state property by deliberately not providing the apartments. 

According to documents in the register of court decisions, on 21 January 2005, the Western Capital Construction Department of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine signed a contract with Budimex LLC for share construction of housing. Budimex was given the right to build a residential complex on a 0.4296 hectare plot on 16 Mechnykova Street in Lviv, and in exchange, the military was to receive 18% of total apartment space in the complex. 

But in 2016 (in fact, in 2006, according to a court decision - Defence_Anticor) the defence minister approved an alternative location where the military was to receive apartments. Budimex now was to provide housing at 134 Shevchenko Street instead of 16 Mechnykova, but the percentage of apartment space going to the military rose from 18% to 25%. The building on Mechnykova would have been in a good part of the city, 2 km from the centre, instead of on Shevchenko in a significantly cheaper area 4 km from downtown.

The total area of all the apartments in the building on 134 Shevchenko Street was 7669.8 sqm, of which 4415 sqm was living space. According to the court order, the developer gave the military 17 apartments measuring a total of 1383.6 sqm, with 705.9 sqm of living space. This translates into 18% of the total area of all the apartments and 16% of total living space. But, no matter how you look at it, this wasn’t the promised 25%.

According to the court’s construction and technical forensics referred to by the military prosecutor’s office, the Western Capital Construction Department of the Ministry of Defence did not receive 674.7 sqm of living space from Budimex. The court order, however, did not explain how this figure was calculated.  

As part of its pre-trial investigation, the military prosecutor’s office wants to establish the market value of one square meter of residential premises on each floor of the building on Mechnykova Street at the time of transfer of housing to the military. Their motion requesting access to the property inventory file was granted by the court.

Budimex LLC (32115127) was established in 2002. Today the company has a different name - Das Rezultats. In 2006, Viktor Antonovych Makarchuk became a company director. A person with the same name was the head of the Western Capital Construction Department of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine in 2005-2006.  

Bohdan Prystupa took over from Makarchuk as director of Budimex. Today Prystupa manages Zeleny Bir, a company owned by Bohdan Kozak, brother of Taras Kozak - Opposition Bloc deputy, famed customs and tax official. 

The register lists Mykhailo Setenko of Kyiv, and Viktor Trishkin <> and Volodymyr Haniuk of Lviv as the first owners of Budimex, and the owners at the time of the signing of the contract with the military and approval of the change in location by the defence minister. 

The latter is the father of the first deputy head of the Main Department of the State Fiscal Service in Lviv Oblast Ruslan Haniuk. Viktor Trishkin, Haniuk and Setenko once owned the companies Kerambud and Betonbud, which today belong to Serhiy Medvedchuk (ex-governor of Lviv and brother of Viktor Medvedchuk - chief of staff to former President Leonid Kuchma) and Bohdan Kozak. 

In September 2016 a new trio took over ownership of Budimex: Liusia Shepita, Yulia Syvuliak, and Mykola Kachmar. Shepita was a co-owner of Magnat-RR LLC and her business partners included Mykyta Poz - the owner of the company that Taras Kozak listed as his employer. Magnat-RR now belongs to the very same Mykola Poz and Bohdan Kozak.
Budimex (now called “Das Rezultats”) is currently owned by Serhiy Kucheruk of Lviv and managed by Maksym Horetsky.

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